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In Massachusetts, researchers have mounted a national survey that seeks to help educate elected officials, government department heads, and the public about the health benefits of cannabis use by those who served in the military. 

by September 11, 2019April 5, 2020

PBS News Hour interviews Stephen Mandile and Dr. Staci Gruber

Is marijuana good or bad for you? Does the higher potency in cannabis affect your health? Due to the controversial past of the substance, there is little research. This PBS clip shows doctors from Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital who are dedicated to the research and to uncovering the complex answers to these questions....


Researchers Seek Veterans for National Survey on Marijuana – Weedmaps

Preliminary data from a survey of U.S. veterans is already demonstrating the incredible benefits of using cannabis to treat various issues. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of veteran respondents indicated that they use medical marijuana to reduce prescribed or over-the-counter medications. Interested in the other findings? Here is an exclusive interview with lead researcher Dr. Marion McNabb...